Workbenches with Drawers

Workbenches with Drawers

Your workstation makes all the difference, which is why, at BAC Systems, we are always crafting innovative and functional workbenches to suit our client’s needs, ensuring safety and practicality is...

Workbench with Customised Drawers

Your workstation makes all the difference, which is why, at BAC Systems, we are always crafting innovative and functional workbenches to suit our client’s needs, ensuring safety and practicality is our top priority.

Take a look at our current workbenches featuring drawers and storage options.

What to consider when choosing a BAC Workbench or Workstation

BAC Workbenches and Workstations come in a range of options to suit your business needs. Our modular benches can be completely customised using a selection of benchtops, storage cabinets, shelving and accessories. With these customisation options, you can create a modular workbench that is perfectly suited to your workspace, your inventory and your preferred style of working. Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting a workbench.

Mobile or Fixed

Consider the work you do and any movement that may be necessary. Maybe you need to move your workbench closer to a piece of machinery on the odd occasion, or perhaps your workspace moves a lot, or you predict that you may have to relocate in the future. Alternatively, you may have a single location designated to your work, with little likelihood that you will ever need to move your bench.

BAC Workbenches can be either fixed or mobile, the choice of which should be determined by your environment and style of work. Our fixed workbenches are durable and strong, with the options to be levelled for a poor slab, or anchored to the ground to ensure it doesn’t move under heavy loads. We recommend a fixed bench for scenarios where a large vice is required, or where you have a specific and permanent work location.

Divided drawer customisation in a workbench.

Divided drawer customisation in a workbench.

When considering a mobile bench, look at how you would manoeuvre the benches around your workshop, storage requirements each module needs to hold, and how the height of the wheel impacts the height of your work surface/storage. Consider the weight and length of your workbench and the access within your workshop.

Benchtop Surface Material

The work-surface of your workbench is perhaps the single most important factor to consider, and you need to compare the strengths of the available benchtop materials against your intended tasks. The BAC range of benchtops suits most workshop and laboratory applications, with over four decades of experience catering to the needs of most Australian Industries.

Our practical Stainless Steel benchtop can be used for a wide variety of jobs, while the BAC Eurobeech Benchtop, an attractive hardwood surface, is the perfect all-rounder for workshops and classrooms. BAC also offers a compact laminate benchtop of 25mm thickness with a clean finish and reliable strength.

For industrial workplaces, you’ll require a durable surface that can absorb impacts. We offer a heavy-duty benchtop made of a thick, high-grade sheet of galvanised steel, formed over a 40mm compressed timber core.

We also have an antistatic upgrade kit, complete with ESD mat and grounding kit. It is recommended for electronic environments with an established electrostatically protected area (EPA), offering resistance to ground (RTG) of 1 Mega Ohm.

Shelving and Drawers

Consider the storage you will need to fit all of your equipment, but also the accessibility of that storage. Open shelves and hooks are great if you need immediate access to tools, while drawers can keep small appliances and accessories stored in an organised fashion. Consider the specific tools you wish to store. If they are to be stored on the shelves above the benchtop, or, on tool hooks, you will need to measure their storage requirements in square meters. If they are to be stored in the drawers below, it may be more suitable to devise a storage solution based upon the volume requirements instead.

How many people use your Workbench or Workstation?

Perhaps you just need a workstation just for yourself, or you may require multiple hands to work on a project. Maybe you’re after a longer station that has enough space for multiple people to work at once. Make sure your workbench caters to all these factors.

Personalising your Industrial Workstation

At BAC Systems, we prioritise customer satisfaction above everything else and do not consider a sale a success unless our customer is happy with their workbench. We want to ensure you order the perfect configuration the first time, and listed above are some considerations that you will need; however, there are still other considerations not listed, because the volume of attention may be overwhelming. This is why we offer a complimentary consultation for all our customers, which can include a site visit, concept drawings and surveys of your inventory. BAC System is determined to help you get the perfect Workbench with Drawers.

Enquire with us today

BAC Systems have been providing workstation and storage solutions since 1977, offering a variety of versatile and flexible options. Our products are designed to be functional, versatile and safe for you and your employees. If you would like to know more or want to discuss customising options, reach out to us today. Call us on 02 9832 2777.