BAC 77 Pallet Rack Used to Upgrade Fire and Rescue

The BAC 77 Pallet Rack has recently been installed in two of the warehouses maintained at the NSW Fire and Rescue headquarters in Western Sydney.

NSW fire and rescue BAC 77 racking

NSW fire and rescue BAC 77 racking

The BAC solution provided plenty of pallet storage space for a large number of stillages and pallets. These store much of the rescue equipment as well as the bulk spares for the fleet of rescue vehicles maintained by Fire and Rescue. Additionally, some long span shelves were integrated into the same bays as the pallet rack, ensuring that the available space was used to its maximum potential.

This revolutionary racking system, designed in conformance with the 2012 revision of the Australian Standard AS 4084 and similarly compliant with the cold-formed structures standard AS4600-2005, challenges the pre-conceived ideas of how pallet rack should look. The racking structure is based upon an upright formed from a single sheet of steel, offering greater impact strength and the added safety feature of preventing items falling from pallets through the rack at the end of the row. The sturdy beams are fitted with the BAC Gravity Safety Clip, BAC’s reliable new concept for securing beams in place.

NSW Fire and Rescue warehouse superintendents appreciated all aspects of the product, from the ability to combine pallet rack and long span into the single structure, to the way that the BAC Beige lifted the ambient light in the warehouse.

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