BAC “77 Series” for Vertical and Horizontal Parts Storage

BAC’s latest and most versatile storage system yet, the BAC “77 Series” has once again expanded its range through the release of BAC Heavy Duty Drawer.



Already incorporating pallet racking and long span shelving, the BAC “77 Series” addresses the High Density storage needs of large and heavy items through this Heavy Duty Drawer.

In the past, heavy items were simply stored on pallet beams, as nothing else could support them. This meant that a forklift was always required to access this load. With the BAC Heavy Duty Drawer, heavy items can either be accessed vertically with an overhead crane or horizontally with a forklift. This unrivalled access means storing heavy items has just become much simpler!HDDrawer

BAC Heavy Duty Drawers are capable of holding a full-sized pallet and can support loads of up to 500kg UDL! With such capabilities, and the ability to access stored items using a forklift or a crane, storemen and workshop operators have new ways to operate available to them.

Another unique component of the BAC “77 Series” is the BAC Vertical Drawer. BAC Vertical Drawers provide high density shelf storage for medium-large items, offering an attractive façade and integrating fully with the BAC Heavy Duty Drawers and BAC Shelving bays that can also be supplied with the BAC “77 Series”. BAC Vertical Drawers can also be configured with the BAC Display Panels. Items stored in this fashion can be seen at a glance when the drawer is opened, making it an easy process to access items, while ensuring they are kept out of sight.

Sturdy and attractive, the BAC Heavy Duty Drawers and the BAC Vertical Drawers compliment the other varied storage solutions that make up the BAC “77 Series”. To find out how the this new Series can enhance your facility, please contact the BAC Technical Team on +612 9832 2777.