Cabinets with Shelves and separators

Cabinets with separators

BAC Shelf Separator Cabinets are modular industrial shelving with dedicated shelf separators that create individual storage locations, like a pigeon hole or a parts bin, on the industrial strength shelf. These locations are adjustable horizontally in 50mm increments and each shelf can support an evenly loaded weight of 250kg.

Separators are either partial height or full height. Partial height separators are either 75mm or 150mm in height and can lock into the precision slots in the base of the shelf. Full height separators engage both the base shelf and the shelf above, being available in heights of 360mm, 615mm and 930mm.

Shelf Separator Cabinets for stores and warehouses are available in heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, 2100mm and 2400mm. Lower heights are also available for use beneath a workbench.